The little citizen project

Recently we got contacted by the Westside Academy because they were planning on building and a game room for their students this project including the build of:


  • 5 bar tops, each with 5 games

  • 1 medium sized arcade with 3500+ classic arcade games (Nintendo, Super Nintendo, and Sega Genesis)

  • 1 full size pedestal arcade with a 32” screen this one included over 3000 classic arcade games, beautifully decorated with blue LEDs, translucent plexiglass, and two player controllers.

Restoration of 5 arcades including:


  • A four player NBA Jam arcade (replacement of CRT monitor for a LCD monitor brand, new control panel with plexiglass, new artwork, t molding, and a fresh paint job)

  • Marvel vs. Capcom (new t molding, repainting, and new jamma  board)

  • Crazy Taxi (New steering wheel, cleanup, and rewiring

  • Bowling arcade machine (new control panel, new CRT monitor, new power supply, repainted, and t molding)

  • Cruising World Arcade conversion (took off the demo board and replaced it with a computer that include over 20 racing games, changed the CRT monitor to a LCD screen, changed the steering wheel, repainted and new t molding)