Galaga bartop arcade

A customer called to tell me that he had just bought a arcade from someone on Craigslist and wanted me to do the artwork for the sides. When he came over to the shop to talk about the artwork, he asked me to give my professional opinion on the machine. Upon reviewing the machine I noticed that it was horribly built and I began to point out the flaws in the cabinet, after giving my honest opinion the client felt that he just got ripped off then asked me if I could build a new cabinet and install all the same components onto it. I agreed as he needed it for his anniversary and I got on board to work on the project. He told me that his wife was a big fan of Galaga so I tried to create something with that theme in mind. The longer I spent disassembling the horrible machine the more I realized how bad it was; video card was held by a wire, screws all bent, cables taped unprofessionally, and an old computer that’s worth less than 20 bucks. I thought the computer was going to crash at any moment and it did! I had to contact the client to let him know.



I begin to get frustrated but since I did promise, I begin to create a whole new cabinet, installed a new computer, reprogrammed it so it could run various systems, assembled the controllers, wire all the electrical components, installed speakers, light up marquee, and new t-molding. I called the client and he stop by with his wife to pick up the brand new arcade here's what happened



The guy on Craigslist is still selling these bar tops please do your research before buying. My client ended up giving away 800 bucks. Don’t go for the first option, so many people are doing this as a hobby or as part time, they don't have the knowledge or tools to do something professional. I have redone a lot of machines from other sellers and always end up spending more. Here at arcade86 we are professionals and an established business that will always create something unique for each client.